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Yes it's a compulsory update... Mainly to let you know that a few changes have been made to this site (note the comment dealeo at the bottom of this story! So leave a comment!) and that yeah also to let you know that this site still gets updated. I'm going to put three songs with the pictures below like I did with my previous post... did you see that? Cool if you did. Anyways here we go.Look thats all my moneys "yeah! yeah! Im winning!" that's what i was thinking.
Modest Mouse - Doin´the Coach Roach (not here no more)

Dear diary, I started playing poker again and won the first time I did I was super stoked and thought I was real cool, I went back the week after and lost though. I'm still cool though or maybe not becuase I dont Smoke cigarettes... Everyone I played poker with smoked the cigarettes (probably did hoodrat stuff to) I found it hard to breath and I stunk like it real bad afterwards it was an awkard experiance - how do you tell a room full of people smoking to not blow smoke in your face?

Live Jams - the studio
The Heros of the bargain bin - Every Fear Fall (nope...)

We had a jam the other day on our local radio station BSide FM which was super awesome fun and actually sounded cool to! I will get some MP3s of that and put them on here, our band was called The Heros of the bargain bin/The Amazing Dork Machine (that last one is what i wanted us to be called...)

Extreame sports - Fire - Alcohol - Good Times
Born Ruffians - I need a life (not here no more)

A good freind of mine left for Canada the other weekend and we had a leaving party for him, the evening started off with a mixture of extreme sports (Skating, Mountain Biking, Moto X, Trampolining, mini bike racing (and stunts), rugby)  and rapid alcohol consumption (good mix aye) which lead to a my mate leaving for Canada with a nice bruise thanks to an awesome Moto bike crash! The night followed with a bit of fire making and lighting, ice sculputuring and of course a bit more drinking. Thanks Tom for the good night and yeah best of luck over there.

Bye Diary...

So yeah two other things to mention:

  1. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - This site is sooooo funny i cant get over it check it out here are some of my favs:
    Thumb (Cold) war | Aliens Invade | Batman
  2. Eye On Kope - My good friend "$1 dollar pies" has started up a blog about Whakatane and the goings on here - its off to a good start and yeah its a good idea! Check it out.

Ok bye bye for now.

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