Space Shuttle: America's Orbital Workhorse



In honour of the final launch today for the Space Shuttle here is another cool "Infographic" from You can watch the final launch today (25/02/2011) on NASA TV at 9.40am here in New Zealand! So get your pop corn out - get your high speed bandwidth ready and sit back and watch the show! I wish I was over there to see it live as future rockets probably wont be as explosive which is a shame... but also good as it will allow more frequent space travel hopefully. Coverage has started already - so you can watch NASA Tv from any time now till the launch and after the launch of course - for a comprehensive breakdown of what is happening at what time in the countdown check out the "Countdown 101" on the NASA site.

This launch they are also sending up the first ever Robonaut - and he's a cool looking robot - hopefully there are no "I'm sorry Dave" moments up there! Check him out on Twitter!

I think put it best when they said: "It is by now a somewhat common event, one that for most Americans is signaled by nothing more than a brief clip on the news. But a shuttle launch is still one of mankind's most complex and massive undertakings, a carefully-primed $1.3 billion event that turns years of planning and construction into a spectacle that lasts only a few minutes." Check out this cool show embeded below of what goes on around launch day - the fans, the media and the crew.

Space Shuttle Parking Lot:

Also there is going to be some great photos and footage of this launch as it is the last for now - some students are going to photograph the event from a high altitude bloon even!

A graphical representative of NASA’s space shuttle.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

For a cool little coundown clock of your very own click here!

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