16 Mar 2004

Allright so i have seemed to be on holiday for a loooong time now heh heh, which is true it does seem like a long time. But basically im not really on holiday anymore, but i havent settled yet, im still living in houses that people think im still a guest, which is in a way true. I got a new computer and thats cool so things are going the way i want them to on this site level, all i need to find now is a place i want to go to. all my previous plans have in a way, been tinged with doubt and im not to sure if i really want them anymore. I've got new goals now and i dont really have to do what i planned on doing, but i do really want to do it as well. theres just some shite i have to sort out first. But why the fuck am i telling you this? cause im trying to explain my slackness over recent times with this site. all the people that were anticipating the new toons and the coolness of this site have probably dawlded off and found other shite to do and look at on the net, so when this site is up and going again im going to have to gain an audiance all over again. Which in a way could be good. Im planning on making this whole site with KLIXO technology.  So to all the people who still come here in hope of something new, i know ive said this before ". but yeah this site will kick off some time soon. most likely some time in February"... but this site will be getting its shite back together im not going to put in a date cause dates are only made to be broken... or is that rules. who knows.. all i can say is that the golden harvest of 2004 is coming/here and hopefully i can find some bloody inspiration. and hopefully i can get my life back on track some time soon. so for now site back and have a cone, look at the old toons agaaaainnn... and you never know. persistance is the key here for you viewers out there. im going to shut up now heh heh. man i need a cone. kakete ;-) Whats up this is god, love your life.

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