11 Aug 2004

Howdy folks! heres this weeks toon on time, and looking good. This weeks toon is a bloody good one if you ask me. I know no one asked me but hey. fuck it right. All right i have some good news and some bad news, good news first: I actually am updating my site again... (i dont know if that counts as good news) the bad news is: My scanner is fuct and i am running out of new toons to put up. Ive got two weeks worth left on my comp at the moment, not including this weeks. So hopefully for you, i can figgure out some shit and get it sorted before time runs out. Im just giving you all some warning now for all those hardcore fans who may suffer withdrawls if this site isnt updated. Heh heh, nuff of that boring a shit. now for some more. Id like to share something with everyone out there that im quite proud of and also ashamed.. ahem. Heres a list of games i have clocked in the last oo i dont know bout a month and a half:
GTA vice city, Hitman contracts (professional and norml) Unreal II, Need for speed underground, Call of Duty (ultra hard) Mafia, Freedom Fighters (ultra hard), True Crime and thats all i can think of for now. Dont be suprised if there was more than that tho. Im not trying to say im some kinda geek who sits around all day and plays computer games. what i am trying to say tho is im the fucking man at computer games... hahaha bow down. is that how you spell bow. who knows eh. anywho i think i have suceded in making my updated look longer and more interesting, just as long as no one actually reads this i'll be fine. Have a great day everyone. see you here next week. Ignorance like a gun in hand, reach out to the promised land.Your history books are full of lies, media-blitz gonna dry your eyes. Have you ever been afraid, and felt society try to keep you down?

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