18 Aug 2004

Alllright! Cheers abo for making this weeks toon update possible, good one. Like i have said before time is running out and i still havent fixed my scanner problem. but i am working on it.. Thats right working.. on it. This weeks toon is a subject we all need to think about, it may not feel like it, but it is getting closer to spring, and summer comes after that right. So everyone who enjoys smoking the hooch should go out and start orginising there little plots. dont have to be big ones, just enough for some pers for the year. Its a great way to save money and its also a great way to garuntee that your weed is awesome and safe and damm tasty, made with love. heh heh. Just ask doctor green thumb for some tips and get started. Rememer preperation is the key. Get that shits in theres!. Go on out and break the law folks, by simply planting some good green plants. (can of bliss takes no responsibility for the breaching of stupid laws enforced by great people who could be doing something else.) anywho im going to shhh now. allright. and when your plants come out all nice and good with some tasty buds give be a buzz and we can light a bowl or two. peace out have a good one. The only way my life makes sence im bringing out the past and the present..

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