25 Aug 2004

Afternooooooon peoples, howsit going? thats great. im doing alright, i was skateboarding last night bombing some hills as we do, and i bailed off and fuct up my left hand, its all grazed and shit. it was pretty shit but it couldve been a lot worse aye. So this update my be a little fuct up in typing cause of me hand. My grandma had her 90th birthday the other day which is bloody awesome what an acheivement go her, and my brother came down which was cool as to catch up with that honki. But anyway now ive got a whole bunch of new music to listen to thanks to him and im loving it, badap ba ba baaa! So to all my fellow stoners out there heres an album you have to "buy" heh heh,
Easy Star All-Stars - dub side of the moon. Basically its drum and bass and dub remixes of the Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon, wicked shit as to the as, get it, its great for getting blazed to. tested and approved by the team here. heh heh. Like i have been saying for a while now i have run out of toons to update with, which sucks. so im going to just keep updating the news and maybe put up some crap drawings by me, or any other guests who want to send something in, id be stoked. heres an email address for those wanting to: elskitcho@hotmail.com knock yourselfs out. anywho to the woo hoo im goign now bye bye. look after yourselves.. this is my way of getting through the day, i dont care, i dont care, cause its ok.

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