01 Sep 2004

Kia Ora! Jesh its a chilli one today. Well my scanner is sitll bunging it. which sux.. balls. BUT GUES WHAT!!!!!!!. some awesome basturd has sent us in a toon! so we can actually update. which is what im doing right now. oooo. This is an extremly funny toon this week donated by Mr Abe, its great and explains a lot for ya'll out there who are wondering why the hell i cant put up new toons. well gives some ideas that might, sorta be true. But anyway thanks to his insperational material he gave me the idea that i can just update with some old toons for now until i sort this shit out. But also anyone else out there who wants to send in some feel free to i'd love it.. in the mouth. heh. SEND THEM HERE. good on you if you do. and good on you if you dont. I had something else to say. nope its gone. Cheers once again Mr Abe. the end Big up to all the fun loving criminals out there! Evidance burning in the hands of the law, smoke one down to settle the score.

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