10 Sep 2004

Listen here honki! things have changed around here. anywho im late again. (not pregnant bwaahahaha) (good one) and i blame the rain. even though its been really nice and sunny round here. no toon this week sorry people, just doing some rearranging and stuff so once i have completly figgured out whats going on then,... well who knows if anyone wants to donate a scanner, or knows anything about Scanner drivers for 80's scanners that arent compatible with XP, then let me know aye. Didnt think so. anywho i might actually update later on today with a toon, im going to experiament with Dooms drawing pad and see if i can get some shit up for ya'lllllll. thats right. its a toon that was relavent for the olympics but since thats been and gone now it can be for the para olympics... right. you monkyed with the universe without even knowing what your doing? gues what im listening to.. no.... yes thats it.. This muck talking is getting out of hand, i had better shut th............Things for you are going to be OK. on the other hand perhaps nobody dissapered.. only me... I am the effect. "and us" your not real.. your in me mind.

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