15 Sep 2004

Two words, Parites without drugs.... haha. Welcome to another crap update from me. Thats right i still havent figgured out my scanner problem, and im slowly begining to not give a fuck. Hopefully one day soon i can just by a new one and this horrible dream will be over. So anyways im going to run another crap cartoon heh heh, proudly brought to you by the Crap Cartoon Association. In other news the other i got a email from quite a respectable member of society saying "get a real job" ... you hippie or something like that. And it led to further disscusions about the content of my site, and that Instead of having toons about random muck they should be more political! Which is a good call, but the dumb thing is I have a whole pile of Toons waiting to be scanned that are political but thanx to my bum scanner they are slowly becoming less and less relivant haha. So look forward to those when you will no longer care. About that olympics toon i talked about last week, I never got round to it heh heh, Nath was watching american pie 3 and i got side tracted. Anywho im going to go and buy a paper and look for a real job! heh heh bye buy by. Hope this gif works ive got another one as well thats just as funny for next time :).  I wana tell you a little story bout a Party, that went all right but went all wrong. I wana tell you about a party annd this soooong!!!

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