29 Sep 2004

Howdy everyone gues what... nothing hahaha got your hopes up didnt i. no ahh well i try. its another wednesday and therefore another toon  for you all. this ones about a tv show thats great, see if you can gues what it is. The cosby show thats right kids. While we are on the topic of tv and how great it is, i'd just like to say it is great! tuesday nights especially, youve got the that living the dream show, then like scrubs, then xs tv, and theeen Mad TV which is the shizzle on the nizzle and after that you have my favourite show and soon to be your favourite show Back of the Y. im loving it, i thnk police 10 7 is on as well that show rocks. and then you've got good quality BBC till when ever the hell you pass out from boredom, im luvin it. so yeah go out an hug your TVs cause they are good for you. chur de chur chur have a good one im off to town to buy a pen now so you can all se more of our shite toons! bye now! There is no higher place than space

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