20 Oct 2004

Howdy doo, you. well its another wednesday here at the can of bliss workshop.. my room... anywho this weeks toon well its a shitta haha. nah its allright and its got boobs in it, hows that! and robots... but yeah hope you like it. and if you dont, well what the hell did you come here for anyway. what were expecting? anyway i dont get many comments back from the people so all you people out there who come to this site.. you cant come back if you dont make a comment... wait wait that wont work. ummm make comments, and i'll start putting them up on a page so you can show all your friends how cool you are.. not you tho that wont work.. fuck it do what ever im going to go now before i confuse myself tooo much. peace out. once again the powers of the herb open up the mind, step inside and see what you can find

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